Louise Fynes Therapies’

My name is Louise Fynes, Having worked and lived abroad for many years, I have return to Ireland to continue my journey as a wellness warrior . My goal is to teach coaches/therapists to build a high performing business that will ensure they stay healthy while delivering a high quality service to the people who want to improve their own health and wellbeing. My service is available in person and online. I am eager to share my experience to show how you can be a heart centered service provider working within a person centered industry.

As we move through the seasons we find ourselves cocooning. This is to ensure we have the right amount of energy to fuel our bodies Once we get to the point of maximum strength we must value it and protect by being as active as possible. Getting our back, back in shape helps us in this process. Click on the link for more information about our pilates/chilates classes. Chilates Class’s

Our Mission
To enable our clients to see all possibilities that are open to them. “If you change the way you look at things, the the things you look at change” allow your mind to be open to what you see.

Our Goal
To teach our clients how to take care of their own needs/wants and desires. Water their own thoughts to sow the seeds of happiness and joy. This enables them to be happy in their purpose. Sharing this happiness activates and infects all around them. Performance Coaching

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