Chilates is mindful, accessible, enjoyable and effective.

Chilates is a program in which Pilates forms the basis,  where extra exercises are added that promote the chi/qi or energy, work is done on health and the resolution of blockages within the chi. The functioning of our organs is stimulated, in turn stimulating the blood circulation. Attention is given to prevention by stretching muscle to avoid injuries or discomfort in the future. The mobility and stability of the joints is improved, and connective tissue is hydrated.

Chilates is good for Fascia and connective tissue:

Fascia or connective tissue is an important part of a body maintenance routine when it comes to pain management. Connective tissue is tissue that consists of fibers that absorb forces from movement.

One of the ways we work on the fascia during the chilates class is the use of massage balls to stimulate the connective tissue and to prevent dehydration. By massaging the soles of the feet with a massage ball we stimulate all the fascia in the foot, leg leading to the entire backline.

This can easily become a part of our daily routine as regular repetition is important!

Chilates workshop’s

When: class times

Monday             19:00  Chilates

Thursday           19:00 Combination Pilates/Chilates  

Where: The Chilates Studio, 61 Main Street, Loughrea (first floor)

Investment: A six-week cycle

Cost: €110

What you will need: A Yoga/Pilates mat, a bottle of water and a warm blanket for the meditation at the end of the class.

Reserve  your place;

Contact me:     Louise Fynes:


Tel.                      085  873 3199


Facebook:         Chilates studio Ireland

See you on the Mat!

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