Online Pilates classes:

If you would like to follow an online class at your own convenience. Well now is your chance. Classes are available to buy with life long access. No app just click and go. Contact me for information on which class best suits your needs.
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Do you want to try something new? well here is your chance to join the new trend of Yoga. Chair yoga is for all ages, fitness levels and humours!!! It is a wonderful way to move get flexibility and core development. Join me for our newest class on-line. The chair yoga I teach was developed In Holland and I love how it offers me the space to build on my balance, muscle flexibility and general wellbeing. Tell a friend who might like to start their journey in the privacy of their own home.

In company  workshops :
• For all companies big and small,
• Develop strong team processes
• Build strong leadership
• Promote and act towards a healthy working environment
• Training is tailored to suit your companies’ requirements

It is possible to follow all workshops online as well in person.

Fine to feel fit Now ONLINE

The fine to feel fit course was written to help people manage their stress. The freedom of having good healthy routines allow us to have the space to get clarity to our purpose. Getting the necessary actions done dropping what isn’t important and delegating the tasks that take you away from your purpose. Contact me for more information, practical advise and tools to improve your life on all levels. 
Are you ready to up level your life ?
This 8-week workshops is based on 1 hour of fitness training, 30 min group coaching per week & a 30 minute 1:1 session with me within the 8 weeks.

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