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Vitamin D 

So we all know that we get vitamin D from the sun. However, did you know that we don’t get enough sunlight? Vit. D is so important to our daily health, to promote our mental health, concentration, muscle health and our nervous system. 

For example Burnout is a very serious debilitating sickness. However, if we look into burnout we see that  it affects not only your immune system, but can cause anxiety, tiredness and leaving you feeling generally unwell. At this point you enter the sick care system, you know there is something wrong but there is often no medical reason for how you feel.  

My suggestion is that you talk to your doctor and ask for help in improving your health supplements, daily diet and exercise. These could significantly help your burnout symptoms. 

Taking the time to talk with your health or wellness practitioner could lead you down a new pathway to health care instead of sick care.  Ensuring that you are incharge of your own health care that will enable you to make the changes you need to promote a healthy lifestyle. Is it a quick fix No it is not. However, taking charge of our own health care is the first step to taking control of our healthy life. 

So how do we improve vitamin D in our system? Firstly we need to know that Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. What does that mean? It translates into we must take Vitamin D with fatty food.  

How do we know if that is enough? well we could get regular blood tests which would show our levels. In Ireland these are expensive and often not tested in our regular blood workup. (talk to your GP about this option)

Another way to test our overall health is through the SCS scanner. (more on this in the video below.) The scanner will give us an indication of how good we are managing our Health care. 

As we say in the Wellness industry “the only bad score is the one you don’t know”

Start taking control today! It is never too early or too late. Contact anyone of the  three Irish SCS scanner wellness experts to get your score as soon as possible.

Louise fynes 085 8733199

Seamus Power 087 6693891

Noeleen Kelly 0044 7738390813

As to the technology, the best introduction is the 5 min KUSI Healthy Living TV News segment that featured my MD and VP R&D business partners describing the device.

SCS Antioxidant score.

We all know our body keeps score of how we live, what we feed ourselves and how much exercise we take part in!

However, do we really know what that score is? For example if we take supplements everyday how can we be sure they ARE WORKING FOR US?

Well now we can with the SCS score (Skin Carotenoid Score) What is this score and how can we measure it? Put simply it is the amount of antioxidants in our body, it is measured via our hand on the PHARMANEX BIOPHOTONIC scanner. It is possible that we are missing out on these benefits because of a lack of antioxidants in our body.

I have read different studies and they show that antioxidants can cut your risk of heart disease up to 70%, diabetes 40%, lung cancer 30%, and breast cancer 20%.

Imagine how our lifestyle could change if we could reduce the risk factors by that much by just knowing what your score is. The scan can tell you this PAINLESSLY within 30 seconds.

It is important to remember THAT the only bad score is the one you don’t know.

So what are the benefits of antioxidants in our body?

Helps reduce the risk of heart disease

Helps in the fight against and reduces the risk of diabetes

Helps reduce the risk of lung & breast cancer

Has been associated with reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s

Helps with the fight against oxidative stress

Helps maintain good skin, hair, & nail health

Promotes wound healing

Helps prevent premature aging of the skin

If You Can’t Measure It, It’s Not Science…

Let me ask you some questions.

Are you taking supplements?

Are your supplements working?

How do you know?

The answer is that you don’t.

There is no possible way for you to know because you can’t measure it.

So, what’s the solution?

A patented device that allows you to non-invasively measure carotenoid levels in tissue, providing an immediate indication of a person’s overall antioxidant levels.

The BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first measuring tool that gives a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) – immediate evidence of carotenoid antioxidant activity in our body.

If you would like to know your score contact one of the SCS Irish team :

Louise fynes 085 8733199

Seamus Power 087 6693891

Noeleen Kelly 0044 7738390813

Click on the video below to hear from the South African Blue Bulls on how the scanner helped them

South African Blue Bulls Rugby team talking about the scanner and products

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