“Being able to hold and move from a neutral position minimizes stress in the vertebral discs, muscles, and tissue”.



Massage en Sport Massage therapy

Sports massage has two roles, to improve the physical condition and to prevent further injuries. During the first appointment an intake is completed which includes a lifestyle analyses, functional testing, and a general health screening. After the first treatment we will discuss a treatment plan to ensure long term improvement in your sporting life.

Wellness massage is a technique that is aimed at relaxation. It is a gentle massage that promotes relaxation.  



Myofascial release:

What is Fascia ?
Fascia covers the whole body and when it is restricted can have a profound influence on movement, digestion, and energy levels.
Fascia is sheets of fibrous tissue that envelops the body beneath the skin, it encloses muscles ensuring the separation of the several layers which surrounds them. (source
The treatment is performed using gentle sustained pressure on the myofascial layer delivering a highly effective therapy with long-lasting results. During the therapy I gently assess where the fascia is restricted. While applying pressure I release the knots and therefore relieve the tension. Toxins are released ensuring more energy, freedom of movement and long-lasting results.
Myofascial Release is an effective technique for:
Inflammation in bursitis
Scar tissue tightness
Restrictions in the fascia
Back pain
Muscle tension resulting from sports injury


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