Self Care For Therapists

Are you a therapist ? Do you want to learn how to create a safe working environment and ensure you maintain your energy levels while giving to your clients on a daily basis?

Then my workshops are what you are looking for. The program is broken down into 5 modules. You can follow all five or choose to take the ones that most align with your work as a therapist.

My name is Louise Fynes and I have been working as a therapist for 15 years, a Personal trainer and movement trainer for 20 years and in the health and wellness industry for more than 30 years. 

So why take this course ?

My purpose and goal is to train other therapists to take care of themselves while providing care and support to their clients.

Module 1.

Back neck and shoulder massage. The importance and the power behind the posture of the therapist. 

How to ensure you protect your back and shoulders, techniques that will ensure you avoid back issues and have more energy over at the end of the day.

Module 2.

Head and Neck massage. Giving you the techniques needed for an enlightening experience for your client. Teaching you methods of protecting your energy and strength while massaging this very vulnerable part of the body. 

Module 3.

Gluts legs and feet massage. How to create a wonderful massage experience for both clients and therapists.  How to sit comfortably while massaging, protecting your hands and arms from being overworked.

Module 4. 

Full body Massage. I will teach you  how  massage can be a dance of life and energy. Conserving your energy while energizing your clients.

Module 5,

Sport massage, how to treat injuries and strains without compromising your own wellbeing. Physical techniques and tips on how to support your body while treating difficult sporting or post operative injuries. 

What will you learn during the sessions:

  • The importance of good equipment
  • The height of your massage table or chair
  • Head rests to use or not use
  • Sheets towels and protecting your client during the massage
  • How and when to use foot and knee rolls
  • How to do a full intake and write up a treatment plan 
  • How to prepare for each client and managing your agenda to support your energy and wellbeing 
  • How to protect your own energy space 
  • How to massage using techniques to ensure your body stays healthy and happy

Dates of the modules:

Module 1 September 18th

Module 2 September  2nd

Module 3 October 16th

Module 4 October 30th

Module 5 November 13th  


Individual modules €110 per module

Purchase all 5 for €500

A deposit of €50 per module secures your place with full payment 5 days before the module. 

For payment in full a deposit of €100 is required.

If this interests you, contact me directly. If you think it may interest someone else please feel free to share it with your groups. 
Contact for more information and to reserve your place.

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